Can't see the new channels?

We've seen a rise in people having trouble trying to watch the new channel 76 (7Flix) which was launched on Sunday this week. So here are some tips to help you get setup for it.

If your TV dosn't have a channel 76 listed in the channel guide, you will need to perform a channel rescan on your TV to enable it to be tuned in and picked up. Once that is done you should be able to select and watch 7Flix on channel 76.

If you can select channel 76 on your TV but there is no picture or just a black screen, then your TV is not capable of decoding the new mpeg4 stream. Mpeg4 is a newer standard in Digital TV broadcasts and allows the picture to be encoded at a higher compression rate (smaller size) than the older Mpeg2 which older channels use. All of the new channels that have launced recently in Australia (9HD, 78, 76 and TenHD) use this new mpeg4 encoding. Some older TV's and Set Top Boxes are not capable of displaying channels encoded with mpeg4 and as a result will show only a black screen, or 'picture not available'. To get around this you can either replace your TV with a newer model or just buy a compatible Set Top Box to use on your older TV set.

As always, if you have any issues getting this working, or just need some general help with setting up your TV, please give us a call at TV Solutions on 0418 888 649 and we'll get you sorted :)

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