Do you need a new TV Aerial?  Whether you have just built a new house and need a TV antenna installed, or if you have an existing house and are experiencing TV reception issues, TV Solutions can sort you out quickly and easily.  A lot of people think that by just adding a plug-in booster or amplifier to the TV outlet it will fix their poor TV reception issues.  This is generally not the case, and often adding a cheap TV booster may in fact make your bad TV reception even worse by amplifying the noise that's already there..  At TV Solutions we are experts in diagnosing your TV reception problems and repairing or replacing your existing antenna system.  TV Solutions don't guess when it comes to your TV signal.  We only use the latest in Digital Reception Analysis technology to assess your TV signal and provide the most cost effective solutions to achieve the best possible error free TV reception available in your area.

Poor TV Reception driving you crazy?

TV Solutions can replace your worn out old broken antenna and install a new Digital Antenna that will work flawlessly for years to come, we even guarantee it!  Our antennas are Australian made and built to last in our tough environment.  

With the continual increase in 700Mhz 4G mobile phone tower coverage, a lot of people are now experiencing poor and problematic reception due to interference from these signals, even if their existing TV antenna is in perfect functioning condition.  As these towers are switched on they can effectively block your TV signal.  At TV Solutions have the skills and know how to fix these, and all other TV related issues, so call us now and we can find a solution to restore you to crystal clear TV reception again. 

All the antennas we use are of the best quality available and are made for the tough Australian conditions we live in.  We only source our products from premium Australian suppliers who specialize in Digital TV Antennas designed for our harsh climate.  Unlike some of our competitors, we won't use substandard 'cheap' imported components that don't perform as expected and fail prematurely.  In fact, we trust in what we do so much we offer a full 2 year warranty on all our workmanship.


So don't risk your life and limb by dangling off the gutter trying to fix that dodgy old antenna.  Call in the experts from TV Solutions and get the job done right the first time.  We guarantee it!



Did you know, not all TV antennas are the same!  We only use the best quality Australian sourced antennas that are specifically matched to your individual application and location.  And all our antennas are built to last and perform in our harsh climate, unlike some of the cheaper imports!