Whether you want your TV professionally Wall Mounted with all cables concealed neatly in the wall, or your TV simply setup on a table top and tuned, TV Solutions can help you out.  We'll come to your house and help you get the most out of your TV regardless if it's new or old.  We offer a range of TV Wall Mounting solutions using a variety of wall mount brackets to best suit your individual needs.  No antenna outlet where you want your TV?  No problems, TV Solutions can get it done.  We are the professionals when it comes to your TV and we are fully insured and certified for everything we do.

Don't risk damaging your new TV, your walls, wallet, or your family!  Incorrectly installed TVs on wall are dangerous!  Call us now for a free quote, you'll be surprised how economical it can be to get your new TV professionally and safely installed.


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Why should I wall mount my TV?

SAFETY- There are numerous benefits to mounting your TV.  First and foremost is the safety aspect, especially with small children running around.  With the TV sitting up high on furniture, it's at risk of falling off and on top of those little hands grabbing at it.  By safely mounting your TV on the wall, it can't fall over and cause a crush injury or worse. Please read HERE for more safety information. 

IT'S NEATER - Want to improve the look of your room? Make more usable space in the living area?  Perhaps you're just sick of all that ugly cable clutter laying around on the floor?  We can offer a variety of TV Wall mounting solutions including slim line, tilting, or even full movement articulating brackets for maximum flexiblity.  We can also mount TVs from the ceiling!  Contact us now and we'll help you find the best TV mount for your needs.


YES, we can install extra TV Wall Outlets as well.  So even if you don't currently have an outlet in the spot you want your TV, we can install one behind your new TV!

COMFORT- Wall mounting your TV at the correct height can also reduce eye strain and fatigue by positioning the screen at the correct line of sight while you're comfortably sitting and relaxing.