Do you have annoying pixelation in your TV reception or purhaps your TV keeps popping up 'No Signal'??  Well good news, because TV Solutions uses the latest in digital reception analysis equipment to isolate and diagnose the issue and then provide the most cost effective solution to resolving it.   In most cases it's much cheaper than you think!


If required, we can also replace your old antenna with the latest slimline  Digital  Antenna best suited to your specific  location.

All our Antennas are fully signal tested and optimized post installation to give you the best possible results for years to come.  We guarantee it!


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Wall mounting your TV not only saves space and looks better, but it's much safer, especially if you have small children running around.  A TV wall mounted at the correct height can also help to reduce eye strain and fatigue by positioning the screen at the correct and most comfortable line of sight. 


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FHD, 4K, UHD, DTS, 16:9, HDMI, MPEG, NBN, WiFi, NetFlix, 1080P, DVR, THX, Mbps ...

What are all these things and more importantly how do I connect them all up to my new TV?!


TV Solutions are experts at simplifying your TV experience.  We can setup and cable your TV, Projector and Home Theatre using only the best quality components. 


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Are you tired of waiting for that YouTube video to stream over WiFi on your Smart TV?  Do you need a new data or phone point in the office?  


TV Solutions can install new or extra LAN and phone points in pretty much any room in the house.


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Did you know that generally the TV Antenna is not actually included as part of a new house build.  An appropriate Digital TV Antenna will need to be installed on the roof before you can pick up Free To Air TV channels at your TV Wall Outlets.  Give us a call today and we will give you the best price on a high quality Digital Antenna fully installed on your new home. 

Thinking of installing a Home Theatre or Media Room?  Before the Gyproc walls go up is the best time to install any Home Theatre, Data cabling, or extra Antenna outlets in your new home. Call us for a competitive quote now.  Forgot to ask the builder to install that TV outlet in the Bedroom??  Don't worry, we can install extra outlets in almost any place!


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